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6Ye Love Doll – 165cm F-cup Premium Pamela

6Ye Love Doll – 165cm F-cup Premium Pamela

US$ 1,890.00

  • EUR: € 1,622.94
  • GBP: £ 1,421.09
  • NOK: NOK15,433.55
  • SEK: SEK15,825.16
  • CAD: CA$ 2,435.45
  • AUD: AU$ 2,459.65
  • NZD: NZ$ 2,728.97
  • CHF: CHF1,889.06
  • DKK: kr12,078.42
  • KRW: ₩ 2,102,965.39
  • ISK: ISK198,922.50
  • SGD: SG$2,571.35
  • TWD: TW$56,970
  • RUB: руб.109,949.81
  • ILS: ₪6,636.74
  • HKD: HK$14,745.59

6Ye Love Doll – 165cm F-cup Premium Pamela



6YE Doll


6YE #N16


6YE 165cm F-cup Premium

Skin Tone



Dark Brown


Dark Brown




Ball-joint Metallic Skeleton Fully Articulated


6YE 165cm F-cup Premium Body Spec


165cm (5'5")


91cm (35.8")


58cm (22.8")


90cm (35.4")


66cm (25.98")


36kg (79.4lbs)

Anal Depth

15cm (5.9")

Vagina Depth 

17cm (6.7")

Oral Depth

15cm (5.9")

Bra Size


Leg Length

87cm (34.3")

Shoulder Width

 35cm (13.8")

Thigh Circum

49cm (19.3")

Calf Length


Ankle Girth


Wrist Girth


Upper Arm Girth


Arm Length

60cm (23.6")

Foot Length

21.5cm (8.46")

Shoe Size



Included in the 1st shipment: doll body, doll head, blanket, handling gloves, vaginal irrigator, 2 wigs, a random simple outfit and a comb.

Included in the 2nd shipment: 2 free outfits, optional suspension kit and take care kit (Including Renewal Powder, Powdering Applicator, TPE glue, stain remover, USB Heating Rod, Nail Glue, Eyelashes Glue)

Optional: Storage Case / Storage Couch / Suspension Kits – hooks and head stand 

Arrives In:

Doll Production 7-14 working Days + Delivery Time (Check Shipping Time)

 *This is an approximate taken time, it may be shorter or longer.



6Ye Love Doll – 165cm F-cup Premium Pamela:

You’re walking down the road, past your old school and you saw someone – it’s Pamela! Pamela was your first love back to high school. She is an Asian American, the cute girl in your school. Back then, when school first started, you didn’t know her, but stalking her quite some time, you got to know her name from others, but have never got a chance to step up and talk to her.

One day, everyone left, and you saw Pamela alone at the library, you finally stepped up. Since then, you two became good friends. One day, you invited her to your home for schoolwork, and miracle happened. Your dream girl was taking off her school outfits piece by piece, attracting you magically. You finally knew the feeling of first love, the magical feeling of having sex with your dream girl.

Finally, you see Pamela again! Pamela is a stunningly realistic, lifesize TPE sex doll, with skin that feels like soft and supple, she is the real thing you never have before! Her built in skeleton lets her to pose in all the positions you need! She has all the ingredients a real woman has to please you. She is soulful, look into her eyes, she has so much to tell you, never let her down tonight!

* Please scroll down to choose her in dark hair if you find black hair looks better on her! She can look entirely different, depends on how you want her to look like.

This is a premium 6Ye Doll, offering features below:

  1. Super fine and detailed areola, labia and anus
  2. Life-like skeleton allows her pose like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions
  3. Improved quality TPE, she doesn’t look plastic at all despite in a fair skin
  4. Lifelike looking, not only looks pretty in picture, but better in real!


6Ye 165cm F-cup Premium Head #N16 Pamela


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    Hi, if you scroll down, you will see an option to choose your location. For Canada, we only charge an additional CAD $97.50, then we will help you pay the import duty in advance. The amount is low because we split the fee with you. You don't need to pay or do anything else, they will deliver right to your doorstep :)

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factory visited by sexysexdoll-badge

SSD has visited the factory of 6YE in Dongguan. Despite having 4 years of experience in the industry (same as WM), they are way underrated and under-known compared to many. As soon as they launched their dolls, their business has been improving greatly in the local market. Click here to check out the journey--> https://www.sexysexdoll.com/blog/sexy-pussy-doll-producer


6Ye Love Doll - 165cm F-cup Premium Pamela

Love Pamela’s pretty face but would prefer a different body?

You can custom make your own! Click here to choose a Body and then choose Pamela’s head (6Ye #N16) !

  • Skin Color

    Additional Head

    On top of the head above, please choose an additional head for FREE. Alternatively, you can choose the Suspension Kit Set and Sex Doll Care Kit, 2 Kit Sets for FREE!

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