Is SexySexDoll™ a legit business?

  • Examine the past orders that pop up at the top left corner of this screen. This feature is powered by an app that has access to all our orders. They cannot be faked.
  • View the comments, questions and reviews people post on the products, this is a valid, active and customer-centric business.
  • SexySexDoll™ is a subsidiary of™, a US established online adult toy store. We have been in the business over five years. has all the most trusted adult toy brands. They have performed a business background check before they granted the selling right.
  • We accept PayPal. If you didn’t receive the item for whatever reasons. PayPal will fully refund you. We want to protect you.
  • Our store is SSL verified (Green highlight on the URL). It’s used in Banking, the world largest sites (Facebook, Google, etc). This is to protect your payment and personal details.
  • Talk to our all time ready customer service support via the Live Chat Box.
  • We’re half way discussing with The Doll Forum to be listed there as one of the legit doll sellers.


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