Dolls for Mannequin – Mermaid Doll

mermaid mannequin doll -customer raw photo for sexysexdoll

Dolls for Mannequin

What can you do with a love doll besides than intercourse? Have you ever thought about it?

Recently, we’ve got a customer, she bought Ruby for her environmental awareness exhibition. They dressed her up beautifully like a mermaid and wanted people to protect our ocean from pollution.

This is how she looks like in the mermaid costume

doll mannequinmermaid sex doll

mermaid sex doll

mermaid sex doll


This is how she looks like before, click here for more

wm-88-ruby  ruby-love-doll-sex-doll-fuck-doll-1    ruby-love-doll-sex-doll-fuck-doll-26


What else can you do on your lovely dolls? You can never limit your imagination!

Post published on January 5, 2017


  1. frosen January 10, 2017 Reply

    Beautiful choice of doll by the customer and a very imaginative and creative way for utilizing the doll. An important message and a lot of work went in to that display. They did an amazing job putting it all together.

    • Isaac is Awesome January 11, 2017 Reply

      you can never limit your imagination. Think beyond 🙂 (evil smile)

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