Shipping and Production

SexySexDoll Free Worldwide Shipping​

SexySexDoll Free Worldwide Shipping

At SexySexDoll, our top priority is getting your toys to you quickly and securely. We know how eager you are to receive your dolls, and we want to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and discreetly packaged. That’s why we partner with trusted delivery services and take great care in packaging your toys.

On our Shipping Info page, you’ll find everything you need to know about our shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and other important details to make your shopping experience smooth and worry-free.

And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is always here to assist you. Happy doll hunting!

SSD Shipping Services

At SexySexDoll, our top priority is getting your toys to you quickly and securely. We know how eager you are to receive your dolls, and we want to ensure they arrive in perfect condition and discreetly packaged. That’s why we partner with trusted delivery services and take great care in packaging your dolls.

On our Shipping Info page, you’ll find everything you need to know about our shipping methods, estimated delivery times, and other important details to make your shopping experience smooth and worry-free.

And if you ever have any questions or concerns, our dedicated customer support team is always here to assist you. Happy doll

The Order and Shipping Process

Sex Dolls Free Worldwide Shipping!

For customers in the USA, UK, and EU, there are no hidden or extra charges. The displayed price covers all taxes and customs clearance fees, which we manage on your behalf whenever feasible. In these countries, we proactively cover customs taxes and shipping expenses, ensuring no additional costs for you. For information on import duties, please refer to the section below:”

Shipping Fee:

  1. Free Delivery: USA, North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia: No shipping fee.
  2. South America: Flat fee. Excludes local taxes or duties.

Sex Doll Delivery & Shipping Time

Please refer to the list of sex doll brands and regions provided below. Please note that the estimated delivery times are approximate and may vary. Kindly understand that shipping times are beyond our control, and delays may occur due to local customs processes in certain countries. While we cannot guarantee the exact delivery time for sex dolls, we strive to accommodate special requests whenever possible. If you have specific requirements, please inform us, and we will make every effort to fulfill them to the best of our ability.

Custom-made Dolls: Delivery times are contingent upon the manufacturer; nonetheless, any item lacking “In Stock” in its product name will be custom ordered. Below, we detail the shipping times provided by various carriers.

Shipping Carrier Country Shipping Time
Fedex USA 8-12 Days
UPS USA/Canada 5-8 Days
UPS Australia / New Zealand 5-10 Days
UPS Europe (UK, Scandinavia, Western Europe) 8-20 Days
UPS Asia (Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc) 2-3 Days
UPS Eastern Europe & South America 5-10 Days
By Sea Global 20-30 Days

Please be aware that the following scenarios are not covered in this shipping timetable:

  • In-Stock Dolls: All currently in-stock items will be shipped within 1-2 business days upon receipt of payment. Please note that if the in-stock items are located within the same country as the buyer, shipping times can be as fast as just a few days. However, this timetable does not cover this particular scenario. If in-stock dolls need to be shipped internationally, it may take considerably longer. Please inquire with us for specifics regarding this special situation.

  • ExceptionsThese are estimated delivery times. Exceptions, such as CNY holidays, snowstorms, rainstorms, or COVID-19-related disruptions, may prolong this timeframe.

  • Import Duty and VAT clearance for EU: For Europe, if you prefer us to handle Import Duty and VAT clearance in advance, please note that the status will NOT be updated until the shipment arrives in the Netherlands, the UK or Germany. Opting for this option may result in a longer delivery time for your sex doll compared to the average. This is perfectly normal and the same method is adopted by all European sellers.

Production Time

The typical production time for a doll is usually 3-5 weeks. However, this timeframe may vary depending on the brand and material chosen, potentially resulting in shorter or longer wait times. In certain instances, we can expedite production upon request.Here’s a compilation of popular sex doll brands alongside their approximate production times for your convenience. Please note that production times may experience delays during holidays such as New Year, Christmas, National Day, Chinese Spring Festival, etc.

Brand Production Time Additional Production Time
WM Doll / YL Doll 10-20 Days Implanted hair +10 Days, ROS mouth +30 Days
6Ye Premium 3-10 Days
Starpery Doll 25-45 Days Implanted hair +10 Days
Irontech Doll TPE: 17-15 Days Silicone: 25-35 Days
Funwest Doll 7-15 Days
Others 7-15 Days

Sex Doll Import Duty, Tax, and VAT

To our EU customers, SexySexDoll offers a service to assist with paying import duty in advance. This ensures that your shipments arrive promptly and without hassle from local customs. We prioritize this service to expedite delivery and reduce import duty costs. Please note that this service applies only to full-sized doll orders. If your order includes doll heads and/or accessories, we are unable to prepay import duty, and customs may charge duty upon arrival.

Import duty and VAT clearance services are exclusively available to customers in the Netherlands, the EU, Scandinavia, and Asia. Regrettably, we cannot extend this service to regions beyond those mentioned.

When placing your doll in the cart, select your region to view the applicable amount. SexySexDoll shares 50% of the import duty with you, resulting in a significantly reduced amount. However, if you prefer, you may opt to handle the duty payment yourself.

To qualify for a tax refund (50% of the import duty), you must submit the receipt within 3 months of receiving your shipment. Receipts received after this period will not be accepted for a tax refund.

For European customers, if you choose to have us clear import duty and VAT in advance, please be aware that the status will not update until the shipment arrives in the Nederlands, the UK or Germany. This is a standard procedure followed by all European sellers.

Countries Details
*European Union, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Russia, Eastern Europe & Japan We help you clear import duty and VAT in advance
US and Asia No import duty
Norway, Canada, Australia, NZ & others Customs may be collecting import duty when the doll arrives. Keep the receipt and we will pay you back 50% of it.

Please be advised that the service for paying Import tax and VAT in advance is subject to the following terms:

  • Full-Sized Doll Orders Only: This service is exclusively applicable if your order consists of a full-sized doll. If your order includes doll heads and/or accessories, we regret to inform you that we are unable to prepay import duty. Local customs may levy duty upon arrival.
  • Restrictions in India and the Middle East: Please be aware that customs in India and the Middle East do not accept sex dolls. While we can arrange shipment, there is a 50% chance that the doll may be confiscated.
  • Special Delivery Requests: If you have any special delivery requests, such as Saturday deliveries or specific weekday time slots, or if you prefer to pick up the doll from the local post office, please leave a note during checkout. Typically, our sex doll delivery partner will contact you before arriving at your doorstep.

Sex Doll Import Duty, Tax, and VAT

Once your package is shipped, we’ll send you a tracking number via email. Please keep a close watch on your package tracking in case any issues arise (such as tracking suspension or missing items) until it reaches you.

Usually, your package will be sent directly to your location by FedEx/UPS, ensuring quick logistics updates and allowing you to monitor its delivery progress at any time.

However, in certain instances, we may opt to transport your package by air to your country for customs clearance, after which FedEx or UPS will handle the final delivery and logistics updates. Until the package reaches the US, the tracking number will only indicate that the shipping label has been created, with no further logistics information available. We understand your concerns regarding your shipment status and kindly request your patience during this period. Rest assured, we take full responsibility for all our orders.

sexysexdoll discreet shipping

Confidential Packaging

  1. Discreet Shipping: We highly value your privacy. To safeguard your confidentiality, all our sex dolls are shipped in packaging that is completely covert.
  2. Our Approach: Sex dolls are discreetly delivered in plain, unbranded brown boxes, ensuring that the contents remain unknown to handlers or couriers.
  3. Confidentiality Assured: The outer box bears no labels indicating the nature of the contents, maintaining the utmost discretion. Your doll will be securely packed in a plain brown box, keeping its contents a secret known only to you.
  4. Experience and Commitment: With years of experience in the adult toy industry, we prioritize your privacy above all else.
  5. Protective Measures: To further protect your privacy, we declare the product as a mannequin during shipping. Your doll will be carefully packaged in a brown plain box, guaranteeing confidentiality throughout the shipping process. Trust that no one will know what’s inside the box except you!

Guidelines for Shipping and Delivery Changes

Pick Up:
If you plan to pick up your package at a FedEx/UPS store, please inform us of the address before the shipment is sent out. You must call the store to confirm if they allow pickups in case the package is delivered to an invalid or refused address by FedEx/UPS.

  1. Change Shipping Address:
    Please confirm the address is correct before shipment. If you need to change the shipping address after the package has been sent out, please contact us first.
  2. Change Delivery Time/Hold On:
    To modify the delivery time, if you are unable to receive the package at the estimated time shown by the courier, you can directly contact the courier to change it to a more suitable date. When your order is processed and shipped, you will receive detailed information from the courier.
  3. Communication:
    Ensure that our email ([email protected]) is not folded or blocked, and keep your phone number open so that you can receive our urgent messages at any time.

Post-Delivery Guidelines

Tracking Information:
Upon shipment, you will receive tracking information via email or text message. It’s crucial to monitor the tracking updates closely to ensure the timely receipt of your package and promptly address any delivery issues.

Delivery Confirmation:
Upon successful delivery, please thoroughly inspect the contents and condition of the package. If you notice any discrepancies or damages, kindly report it to us within 24 hours of receipt at [email protected].

Inspection Process:
It is imperative to inspect each item upon the package’s arrival for any signs of damage. If the package appears damaged externally, take photos or videos to document the condition and file a claim with the shipping carrier. We recommend opening each unit for inspection, even if the cartons seem intact. In the event of damage, document it with photos or videos. Occasionally, we may require your assistance in filing a claim with the shipping carrier if the doll sustains damage during transit.

Returns and Refunds:
If you believe a replacement may be necessary, refrain from using your doll. Keep her in a new and unused condition, along with the box and all packing materials. For details regarding our return and refund policies, please refer to the guidelines outlined on our website or reach out to our customer service team for assistance. 

Customs Clearance:
If your package requires customs clearance (especially if you opt for our services for paying VAT and import tax in advance), it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with local customs regulations and payment of any applicable duties or taxes. Be assured, we are available to furnish necessary documentation and offer support as needed.

Shipping Delays: Factors Affecting International Deliveries

Shipping delays can occur due to various factors affecting international transportation:

  1. Weather and Natural Disasters: Severe weather conditions like storms, floods, or earthquakes may disrupt transportation routes, leading to delays in delivery.
  2. Customs Inspections (in Europe): Your package might undergo customs inspections, which can result in additional delays or fees based on your country’s regulations.
  3. Local Holidays: Delivery schedules may be impacted by local holidays, during which shipping carriers may operate on reduced hours or not at all, causing delays in package transit times.
  4. Political Situations and Regulatory Changes: Changes in the political landscape, government regulations, or trade policies can affect shipping routes, transit times, or the availability of certain products in specific regions.
  5. Unforeseen Circumstances: Unexpected events such as accidents, strikes, or operational issues within shipping carriers can also lead to delays in the delivery process.
  6. COVID-19 Pandemic: The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has introduced new challenges to the shipping and logistics industry, including disruptions to supply chains, reduced transportation capacity, and health and safety protocols that may slow down processing times.
  7. Technical Issues: Technical glitches or malfunctions within shipping systems or equipment can disrupt the delivery process and cause delays.
  8. Capacity Constraints: Shipping carriers may experience capacity constraints during peak seasons or periods of high demand, leading to delays in processing and delivering packages.

Your understanding and patience during these challenges are greatly appreciated as we strive to ensure the safe and efficient delivery of your love doll. Rest assured, we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible service and support throughout the shipping process.