Sex Doll Heads: DS Heads

DS Doll Heads

DS is the world’s largest manufacturer of silicone sex dolls, offering a number of high quality and highly realistic doll heads. With different skin tones, eye colors, hair styles and other options, they can come up with a completely different look!

If you have a ready-made DS doll, you can easily put these heads on your doll. Your doll will look completely different, so just buy one more head and it will be like having one more doll.

If you have never owned a doll before and are hesitant to buy one, you can also try the head first and then invest in the whole doll.

You can easily put new makeup on their faces with regular makeup supplies, and you can make them look the way you want them to look.

*DS doll heads may be compatible with other doll brands’ bodies, but there may be large skin color differences.


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