Sex Doll Care – Take Care of Your Sex Doll

Sex Doll Care

Sex Doll Care

Your beloved sex doll is your partner, you would want her to remain beautiful at all times. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to keep your lovely partner up-to-quality and improve her lifespan.

Sex With Your Sex Doll?

  • Whenever entering her vaginal, anal and oral, you MUST use water-based lube to avoid tearing of her skin
  • Their joints, like hands, wrists, knees are not able to support too much of pressure, please DO NOT put weight on these parts (like doggy-style), if you really want her to be a happy doggy, put her on pillows or sofa, any soft surface would be great.
  • Please do not do standing sex, her feet are good to stand by herself, but not if you have too much of extreme activities with her.

Shower With Your Sex Doll?

  • Please clean your sexy sex doll thoroughly every 2 weeks, or at least once a month.
  • Please use mild antimicrobial soap to clean her up.
  • You can place your doll in a bathtub and shower with her, but please do not submerge her head or neck under the water.
  • Please gently use a wet cloth and mild antibacterial soap to wipe her face. MUST NOT submerge her head in water.
  • Use a soft towel to dry her up.
  • You MUST NOT use a hair dryer or other similar heating devices to blow her dry.
  • Please use a brush to apply baby powder on her to keep her skin soft and lifelike.

Vaginal, Anal, Oral Canals Cleaning

  • TPE skin is more porous than silicone, you need to clean all her canals after every use to prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • It’s the best to use a condom if you’re not a hardworking boy to do the cleaning work.
  • Inject mild antibacterial soap water into her canals with a sex doll vaginal irrigator, rinse the canals with clean water in a sex doll vaginal irrigator until all soap is removed.
  • Dry canals thoroughly
  • Apply baby powder on all parts, even inside the canals

Sex Doll Skin Care

  • If you find her skin is not smooth, please use a brush to apply baby powder on her skin to keep her skin is lifelike smooth. Please do it only when her body is dry. This is important to avoid tearing of her skin.
  • Please make sure the clothing you put on her is color transfer resistant. Dark color and low-quality clothings can easily transfer the color on her skin. Please wash the clothing a few times to prevent it happens. If it really happens, you can use the TPE Doll Stain Removal to remove the stains. Alternatively, you can also use olive oil to wipe on the stains, then use a wet cloth to wipe the stain off.
  • Please avoid her from magazines, colored leather, newspaper, or any of such to avoid color transferred to her.
  • Please keep her in a dry and shady area. Sunlight is bad for her.

Sex Doll Skeleton Care

  • Your sex doll has a metal skeleton to allow her to stay flexible. You are able to move her limbs and body, activities will leave traces on her body, this is perfectly normal.
  • Please understand ONLY 6YE dolls have 360-degree joints that allow her to have full swing in different angles. For all dolls, you are not supposed to put extreme force to move her joints for any positions.
  • Do not knock her against hard surfaces, do not drop her
  • Avoid her from any sharp items, they will hurt your doll.
  • Try not to leave her in the same position for too long, not even leaving her lying on a hard surface for long. As this is TPE, the shape will be altered if she is in the same position for long, for example, her ass will be flatter even she lied down too long. The best option would be hang up your doll. You can get a set of suspension kit here.

Wig Care

  • Please remove the wig fro her and clean it with mild shampoo and conditioner. Leave it until dry and comb it from the bottom.


Use With Care

  • Your doll is your beloved partner, please do not share her with anyone else to avoid spreading of disease.
  • Clean all her canals with antibacterial soap and dry completely after use to avoid growth of bacteria.
  • You are suggested to use condom to avoid growth of bacteria.
  • lease use water-based lube when having sex with her to avoid tearing of her skin.

Ordering + Shipping Process

Q: What is the process of ordering a sex doll?

A: Unless you order our ready dolls, your doll is handcrafted, custom made for you, based on your preference. As soon as you place an order, we will begin the production immediately at our factory. When your sex doll is ready, we will email you her pictures, make sure you’re happy. By that time, if you want to make small changes, like a different wig, eye colour, larger areola, etc, we will still be able to do that. Then, we will ship directly to your shipping address. You can also choose to pick up from your local FedEx pick-up point. Additional items such as lingeries will be shipped separately.


Q: How long does it take to receive my doll after I place an order?

A: From the time you order, we need 1-2 weeks for production, depending on the brands as below:

WM & YL – 10 working days

6Ye – 3-5 working days

Climax, Z-One, DS – 5-10 working days

Then, we need about 5 working days to deliver, depending on your locations:

Asia & Oceania (Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) – 1-5 working days

US, UK & Canada – 5 working days

Western Europe & Scandinavia – 4-7 working days

Others – 5-10 working days

In short, please assume 10-15 working days to arrive

Fixed Vagina vs Removable Vagina

Sex Doll Care – Fixed or Removable Vagina?

Before we compare, we need to know the what are they,

Fixed Vagina – the vagina cannot be removed.

Removable Vagina – It can be removed and replaced with a new one.

Removable Vagina Example  (Brand: WM / over 125cm)

Sex Doll Care

Advantages of Removable Vagina:
Easy to clean. After use, you can just take it out, soak in water and leave it till dry. Please do not use a hairdryer or anything overheated to dry it as it will damage the vagina. In the meantime, you can insert an alternative one for use.
Replace with a new vagina when the old one is loose or not in a good shape.
The entire doll lasts longer because of a better cleaning maintenance.

Drawbacks of Removable Vagina:
Some users find it less realistic, especially when you take it out, you will see a hole.
After some time of use, the vagina may not fit with its surrounding that perfectly, and you may find a slight gap between the vagina and her bottom part. Please view the sample image below.


wm vagina removable wm vagina removable wm vagina removable



wm vagina removable wm vagina removable wm vagina removable


wm vagina insert removable wm vagina insert removable wm vagina insert removable

Fixed Vagina Example (Brand: WM – over 125cm)

Sex Doll Care

Advantages of Fixed Vagina:
Looks more realistic.
Fits the bottom part perfectly without any unrealistic gap.

Drawbacks of Fixed Vagina:
It’s difficult to clean. You can use an irrigator to inject water into it, then suck it out until it’s dry. We recommend you to put on a condom during intercourse.
After some time of use, the vagina will not be as tight as before and there’s nothing much you can do to improve it.
in conclusion, it’s very up to you whether a removable vagina or a fixed vagina. Interestingly, up to 65% of our customers chose fixed vagina rather than a removable vagina. It seems that realistic vagina is the most important factor when they make the decision.

fat ass dolls fat ass dolls wm vagina fixed sexysexdoll

Fixed Vagina Example (Brand: 6YE – over 125cm)

6ye 165cm g-cup Scarlet by SexySexDoll sexysexdoll 6ye doll 165cm big boobs ross britney 6y sexysexdoll 150cm

britney 6y sexysexdoll 150cm britney 6y sexysexdoll 150cm britney 6y sexysexdoll 150cm

Fixed Vagina Example (Brand: Climax Doll/ CM – over 125cm)

helen-fat-mature-love-doll-sex-doll-fuck-doll-29 Lilian fat sex dollselena-love-sex-doll16-thumbnail

TPE vs Silicone

TPE Sex Dolls or Silicone Sex Dolls? Which One is Better For You?

TPE vs Silicone Love Dolls

Key Differences

  • TPE made skin is close to human skin texture, providing more realistic facial expression and features, compared to silicone
  • TPE is used to produce all kind of sex toys, such as dildos, strokers, etc.
  • Among these two materials. TPE is more elastic than silicone, it’s less likely to break after some intense use
  • Among these two, TPE is a more affordable material.
  • Silicone is easier to clean, compared to TPE
  • Silicone can take higher temperature than TPE
  • Both materials are safe to use


Before you make a decision of the material of your doll, you need to know what are they. It’s a big investment!

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

  • Result of the mixture of plastic and rubber
  • Cheaper material
  • More elastic and last longer than TPE
  • Typically used to make stroker, dildo, torso, and other sex toys (human flesh kind of toys)

TPE-the best sex doll material


  • A result of the mix of silicon polymer, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen
  • A type of expensive rubber
  • Typically used to produce butt plug, vibrator, vibe, bullet, massager
  • Easy to clean

silicone- sexdoll material

What do you need to consider?

  • Are you ready to do the frequent cleaning job? (Once or twice a week)
  • Do you want a hot shower with your doll?
  • Besides than the typical sexual activity, what are you expecting her to do?
  • Do you want her to look as realistic as possible?
  • What is your budget?


TPE Silicone
Touch Softer Harder
Body Flexibility for Different Positions High Low
Price Cheaper More Expensive
Woggle of the breasts High Low
Human Flesh Alike High Thicker than human flesh
Porous Porous Non-porous
Easy to clean More difficult Easy
Maintenance Higher Lesser
Sensitive to stains High Low
Allergenic Non-allergic Non-allergic
Temperature Adjust to temperature (your temperature or heating rod) Temperature Resistant


Last But Not Least

Why are TPE dolls more popular?

  • Affordable price
  • Realistic skin texture
  • Incredibly real facial expressions

The strong drawback of TPE dolls is the regular cleaning work. If you’re ready to take that, we believe TPE would be a better option for you.

In fact, our words are rather neutral as we carry both TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls.


Standing Foot

Sex Doll Care – Standing Foor or Regular Foot?

Q: Is the standing foot bigger than the regular foot?

A: No, they share the same size. Standing foot has some modifications to allow it support the doll’s full body and stand.

Q: Can the standing foot move flexibly like the regular foot?

A: The foot cannot move upward, or side to side. The standing foot is flat at 90 degrees and you can bend it downward to 150 degrees.

Q: Can the dolls wear high heel shoes?

A: Yes, you can put high heel shoes on her foot, but please she should not be wearing high heel shoes when standing. Only flat shoes are suggested to avoid her falling.

Q: Which dolls have the standing foot option?

A: All dolls of 100cm and above are lucky enough to have this option.

Q: Do people prefer standing foot more than the regular foot?

Surprisingly no, people prefer her foot looks natural without any metal implanted underneath. Also, you are not recommended to have sex with her when standing. She may fall.




How to fix a sex doll wound / tear?

If there is a wound or a tear on your doll, you can fix it applying TPE glue on it. Please be aware that TPE glue is eroding, you only need a drop to apply it to her would. It’s the best if you use a toothpick or any slim stick to have a dip of the glue, then apply it in the tear. Please check out the video below

How to fix a sex doll wound?