Accessories: Sex Doll Storage Kit and Storage Case

If you are looking for a perfect place to store your sex doll, then your hunt is coming to an end. Introducing the Sex Doll Suspension Kit, the best storage unit for your beloved nightly companion as you go out to work in the morning. Instead of stashing it by the bed or stuffing it in your wardrobe, use our suspension kit for your sex doll storage. This will ensure that its precious body features are not flattened or bruised and you can continue using it for years.

Come back confident to your sex doll every night because our suspension kit is known to prolong its durability. We have tested the kits on our very own dolls and use it for sex doll storage at our shop because it retains its posture and bodily features and does not bend or twist. The free-hanging position makes it the perfect choice for you to store your precious while you are away thinking about her.

The Sex Doll Suspension Kit is made of industry-grade parts that will keep your sex doll in perfect health when you are not giving it to her.

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