Best Sex Dolls (WM vs 6Ye vs Climax)

WM doll vs 6Ye doll vs Climax doll - Best sex doll comparison

Many always inquire the best sex dolls, especially the quality of TPE dolls in the market. We have a thorough comparison below.

We only compare a few of the well known TPE brands from China, due to similar pricing.

Please also be aware that WM, YL and OR come from the same manufacturer, but different brands. Therefore, we only use WM as a comparison.

We only take a few brands which we’re selling for comparison. There are several reasons we’re not selling other brands, mostly due to quality reasons. You’re more than welcome to inquire other brands for our suggestion, our recommendations remain open and objective.

Comparison WM vs 6Ye vs Climax (Best Sex Dolls)

✓✓ – Very Good ,    ✓    – Good




Choice of Faces


Choice of Bodies


Skin Durability  ✓


Ease to Move Around (Skeleton)


No Seamline ✓✓





Body Heating and Moaning

Realism of the Doll Face



Realism for Sex




Years of Experience




*Recommendations are based on SexySexDoll’s experience after reviewing all the dolls for years long. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t agree with us.

There may be other features we may have missed out in the table above. If you wish to know the comparison of certain features, please feel free to comment below and we will add in here.

Sex dolls are considered a relatively new kind of sex toys. Surprisingly, the best sex dolls producers are mushrooming in China. Their dolls earn the highest price value compared to many producers in the US, Europe and Japan. They are the pioneer to bring the price down significantly to make them affordable to everyone!

However, in recent years, many scam producers (factories that imitate the true brands above) or factories that are not up to standard (such as the odd looking dolls, bad odor, TPE skin is not durable and easily damaged) are entering the market. As a doll lover, you have to be wise and choose the best one. Try to choose the dolls from the above manufacturers.

If they don’t have any particular faces or bodies that you’re looking for, don’t be scared to ask if they will come up with something relevant, who knows you give them an idea to bring your dream doll to reality?

This is a comparison among TPE dolls. We will come up with another comparison of silicone dolls next.

Find out more about TPE sex dolls vs silicone sex dolls here.

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