Naughty Devil Girl 162cm 5ft4 C-Cup Angelica

Naughty Devil Girl 162cm 5ft4 C-Cup Angelica

US$ 1,734.00

Naughty Devil Girl 6Ye 162cm 5ft4 C-Cup Angelica

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She wears a devil’s horn headdress, but she is not evil at all, on the contrary, she is a kind-hearted but a little naughty devil girl. Indeed, she has an angelic name – Angelica. This is quite a contrast to her image, but not really, because she has angelic face, and her body is devilish sexy. Therefore, there is no contradiction between the angel and the devil, and these two images are perfectly displayed in this beautiful doll.

Angelica is a naughty Devil Doll , offering features below: sexy and detailed areola, Life-like skeleton allows her to pose like a human-being, not restricted to the typical upward-downward, leftward-rightward positions Improved quality TPE, she not only looks pretty in pictures but better in real!


6Ye Premium




6Ye 162cm 5ft4 C-cup Premium

Skin Tone

Choose below


Choose below






Ball-joint Metallic Skeleton Fully Articulated


6YE 162cm 5ft4 C-Cup Premium Body Spec


162cm (5'4")


78cm (30.7")


57cm (22.4")


88cm (34.6")


64.5cm (25.4")


36kg (83.8lbs)

Anal Depth

14cm (5.5")

Vagina Depth 

17cm (6.7")

Oral Depth

15cm (5.9") *Not applicable to silicone head

Bra Size


Inner Leg Length

89cm (35")

Shoulder Width


Inner Thigh Length

86cm (33.9")

Hand Length


Thigh Girth


Calf Circum


Upper Arm Girth


Arm Length

67cm (26.4")

Foot Length

22.5cm (8.85")

Shoe Size



Included In This Doll

*We may not be offering the exact same wig as in the pictures.

Included in the 1st shipment: doll body, doll head, blanket, handling gloves, vaginal irrigator, 2 wigs, a random simple outfit and a comb.

Included in the 2nd shipment: 2 free outfits, Optional suspension kit and take care kit (Including Renewal Powder, Powdering Applicator, TPE glue, stain remover, USB Heating Rod, Nail Glue, Eyelashes Glue). ** Items in 2nd shipment may be shipped separately in order not to delay your order

Optional: Storage Case / Storage Couch / Suspension Kits – hooks and head stand 


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Until December 2018, 6Ye Premium Doll and Amor Doll were the first, came up with TPE sex dolls that have a minimal oily feel. They came up with their own formula, that keeps the dolls soft and lifelike, yet, you no longer have to be bothered to powder and oil the dolls. Enjoy your sexy moment with your lovely ones, clean them up, that’s it! Life can’t be easier than this!



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Minimal Oily Technology Revolution

6Ye Premium Doll and Amor Doll introduced a new type of TPE sex doll that has a minimal oily feel. They developed their own formula, which keeps the dolls soft and lifelike, eliminating the need for regular powdering and oiling. Now, you can enjoy intimate moments with your loved ones and simply clean them up afterwards. It's a convenient and hassle-free way to enhance your experience.

Exploring 6YE

factory visited by sexysexdoll-badge

SSD recently explored the 6YE factory in Dongguan, which has been a hidden gem in the industry despite having the same 4 years of experience as WM. 6YE dolls have experienced significant growth in the local market since their launch. To learn more about this journey, you can click here:

Sexy Mouth Love Doll Head 6Ye Premium #N13 Ayako

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  • Skin Color


    *If the selected wig is not available. SexySexDoll will offer the most similar wigs without having to inform customers in advance.

    Additional Wig

    Please choose the additional wig here, and it's FREE.

    *If the selected wig is not available. SexySexDoll will offer the most similar wigs without having to inform customers in advance.

    Real Human Hair Implanted

    No wigs offered if this option is selected

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    Head Material

    If the head of the doll is already silicone, you do not need to select this option

    Eye Color

    2nd Eye [FREE]


    To learn how to insert vagina into a doll, watch this video

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    Areola Size

    If you have special requests for size, please fill in the "Note to us" column at the bottom

    Areola Color

    Please be aware that the areola appearance and colour may differ in different dolls.

    Labia Color

    Please be aware that the labia appearance and colour may differ in different dolls.

    6Ye offers two movable mouth options for their dolls: the "Real Oral Structure (ROS)" and the "Articulated Jaw (AJ)". While both options have an articulated jaw, ROS has a built-in oral structure that includes teeth, tonsils, and a uvula, which AJ does not.

    It is important to note that ROS is only available with certain silicone head designs. For a more detailed explanation of the differences between these options, please refer to this video

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    • 50 US$
    • 300 US$

    Pubic Hair

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    • 50 US$
    • 50 US$
    • 50 US$
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    • 50 US$
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    • 50 US$

    Shrugging Shoulder

    • 100 US$
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    Breasts Type

    Jelly / Gel Breasts:  Gel-like Material is used to provide exceptional realism and bouncing experience. This option is only suitable for C-Cup and above dolls. If the body you purchase has A or B Cup Breasts and this option is checked, we will refund the option

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    Standing Foot