TPE Sex Dolls or Silicone Sex Dolls?


TPE Sex Dolls or Silicone Sex Dolls? Which One is Better For You?

TPE vs Silicone Love Dolls

Key Differences

  • TPE made skin is close to human skin texture, providing more realistic facial expression and features, compared to silicone
  • TPE is used to produce all kind of sex toys, such as dildos, strokers, etc.
  • Among these two materials. TPE is more elastic than silicone, it’s less likely to break after some intense use
  • Among these two, TPE is a more affordable material.
  • Silicone is easier to clean, compared to TPE
  • Silicone can take higher temperature than TPE
  • Both materials are safe to use


Before you make a decision of the material of your doll, you need to know what are they. It’s a big investment!

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)

  • Result of the mixture of plastic and rubber
  • Cheaper material
  • More elastic and last longer than TPE
  • Typically used to make stroker, dildo, torso, and other sex toys (human flesh kind of toys)

TPE-the best sex doll material


  • A result of the mix of silicon polymer, hydrogen, carbon and oxygen
  • A type of expensive rubber
  • Typically used to produce butt plug, vibrator, vibe, bullet, massager
  • Easy to clean

silicone- sexdoll material

What do you need to consider?

  • Are you ready to do the frequent cleaning job? (Once or twice a week)
  • Do you want a hot shower with your doll?
  • Besides than the typical sexual activity, what are you expecting her to do?
  • Do you want her to look as realistic as possible?
  • What is your budget?




(Need to use condom or clean right after every use)


  TPE Silicone
Touch  Softer Harder
Body Flexibility for Different Positions High Low
Price Cheaper More Expensive
Woggle of the breasts High Low
Human Flesh Alike High Thicker than human flesh
Easy to clean More difficult Easy
Maintenance Higher Lesser
Sensitive to stains Mid Low
Allergenic Non-allergic Non-allergic
Temperature Adjust to temperature (your temperature or heating rod) Adjust to temperature (your temperature or heating rod)


Last But Not Least

Why TPE dolls are more popular?

  • Affordable price
  • Realistic skin texture
  • Incredibly real facial expressions

The strong drawback of TPE dolls are the regular cleaning work. If you’re ready to take that, we believe TPE would be a better option for you.

In fact, our words are rather neutral as we carry both TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls.

TPE sex dolls or silicone sex dolls? If you still need some extra advice, please feel free to talk to us.

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Post published on October 18, 2016

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