(Our Words) Finally we have a new store exclusively for dolls


A new store exclusively for dolls

After over half of year, we finally have a new online store, exclusively for our love dolls and relevant items. This is a long journey as we’ve never expected to receive such overwhelming feedback for our love dolls. Back then, customers bought our torsos, they were really happy with them, came back and asked if we have lifesize sex dolls. We were not really sex doll experts at that time, so we started to do our own research, attend all kind of sex dolls exhibitions, and even flew all the way to manufacturers to visit their factories, understand the items then only started listing them on our store, DiddleWorld.

Surprisingly, as soon as we listed them on our store, our existing sex toys customers came back and made the first purchase. They were our regular customers and knew we’re a legit and good business. Without a second thought, they knew our sex dolls are high quality and placed orders immediately. Another reason people placed orders with us because of the wide selection of dolls they can find here, compared to other sellers. Most other sellers are only selling dolls from one or two giant manufacturers. For sure, sourcing for quality sex dolls has ever been an easy task. You need to get your feet dirty, get on the ground, meet up with the manufacturers, talk to them, understand the products and the industry, then you can only partner up with them. Obviously, many sex doll sellers just build up a website, then start taking orders. We don’t do that. That’s easy money, we know, but we have the responsibility to our customers. Even now, we still meet up with the manufacturers once every few months to keep ourselves updated, discuss with them regarding market updates, etc.

Things are particularly complicated when the manufacturing process takes place in China. We have to admit that China is extremely talented in manufacturing. However, the imitation issue has been really bad in China. So basically if a manufacturer sells a doll well, other “copied cats” manufacturer will purchase one from this manufacturer, then try to imitate the doll. Obviously, this unethical manufacturer will never reach that kind of quality, but they have made the entire industry very unhealthy. They claim they sell the same design, they even take the original images and post on their website, but the final dolls will look very different from the images.

We took at least 3 months time to understand this complicated industry, meet up with all the potential manufacturers, then only started selling sex dolls on our online store. 9 months passed, the feedback we receive is overwhelming. Our existing store was unable to keep up with the demand. Not only retail customers purchased from us for their own use. Business customers are also buying from us, such as strip clubs, brothels, sex toy stores. There was a public listed giant company ordered from us. They needed our sex dolls for a TV Show (Sorry it’s convenient to post their name and the TV show here, all I can say it’s an American giant company based in California).

There are also several sex doll vendors (listed on The Doll Forum) requested us to provide drop shipping service for them. We only provide this service to them for WM dolls. For other unique sex dolls you find here, they are our exclusive dolls and can only be found on our site. In order to meet the demand, we finally came up with a new store, this is also requested by The Doll Forum. They knew we are doing very well and providing excellent service. Therefore, they also invited us to become one of their vendors. I bet you can never find another doll sellers can appear on The Doll Forum as soon as their new store is set up. Yea, we’re proud of that.

There are many reasons we are able to do so well even when we did not have a proper sex doll websites:

We do check the dolls before we ship them out. We have a geographical advantage. We’re based in Hong Kong, we’re only an hour or two away from all the sex doll manufacturers (WM, Sanhui, Z-One Silicone Dolls, etc.). Also, all sex dolls manufactured in this area have to be shipped from Hong Kong. That’s because Hong Kong is an international hub. The number of commercial cargos that depart from Hong Kong is one of the highest in the world. All dolls have to come to Hong Kong to be shipped anyway. Therefore, coming to our office in Hong Kong to go through one final check before they go on the plane is totally a perfect reason. The manufacturers only need half a day to ship ready dolls to us.
2. We are a small team speaks world languages. We speak fluent/good English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese. We are able to communicate with most of our customers as well as the manufacturer.

3. We understand customers, we think of them. Customers tell us their concerns, we, therefore, improve our service to serve them better. For instance, we know customers are very afraid of receiving deceived dolls, therefore, we do one last check and then repack them in Hong Kong then only ship the dolls out. Customers also inform us that they’re having a problem finding the right clothing and lingeries for their small sized dolls (below 140cm). We, therefore partner up with a garment manufacturer to provide quality and pretty clothing for all the small sized dolls.

4. With our superb services mentioned above, we are selling at prices lower than most other sellers. There are quite a few sellers, their prices are 30% above what we are selling, but they do not check the dolls, they do not provide anything extra, they are simply out of reach. The reason they are selling high because they have a strong SEO and they appear on the first page of search engine, that’s it! They even clearly state on their stores saying they do not take any responsibility after you receive the dolls, even if the dolls are broken! What the heck? Are you serious? This is not a $10 item! The funniest thing is their customers came to us, tell us the story, we tried to help them out like shipping them some tools which they can use to fix the dolls themselves. We only charge them the shipping fees, not even the cost of the tools. They told us they talked to the sellers and the sellers want them to purchase the tools at full price ($50 for a 10 ml glue). Then, we also talked to the manufacturers to offer a solution for them. We might sound a bit mean here, but this is the real story.

5. We are very easy to reach. We’re here 18 / 7. Even if we’re not here, email us, and we will reply you when we get up. Smartphones these days receive your email immediately, we don’t want you to wait for long.

We work closely with the manufacturers to offer you the best shopping experience. Customers always deserve something better. If you need or want anything, please talk to us, we can think of something for you. We literally provide a one-to-one customer service. Yes! That’s what our customers tell us!

Have a good day! Sorry for the long post though. Here’s the potato

Post published on October 29, 2016

Here’s the potato

 Here’s the potato

Here’s the potato















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