4 Tips to Purchase High-Quality Dolls from Good Sellers (Understand About The Sex Doll Industry)


4 Tips Purchase Sex Dolls

Everyone wants a quality sex doll, but it’s not easy to identify the quality without seeing or touching the final product. You probably don’t want to sacrifice the quality and go for low price items. What can you do to avoid disappointment?

If you follow our tips, you will be on track getting your awesome love dolls!

Tips Purchase Sex Dolls 1

Make sure the store is a legit business

Some of the sites are not a legit business. They build up a website, take random images from other sites and post them on their store. We have also encountered several scam online stores.

You must be wondering why are they still in the business when they have intruded others’ intellectual property. Building an online store can be too easy sometimes without having to provide any proof of business. And the number of websites are massive; there’s no way all of them can be identified easily.

What can you do to identify scam online stores?

– Ask sharp questions. Here are some of the questions you can ask and a legit seller should be able to answer:

  • Where is your company?
  • Who are the doll manufacturers?
  • The material of the dolls, the time taken to produce one (watch out if they say they can ship immediately)

– Check their selling price. If you find a store selling at ridiculously low price, you need to be aware of it. The costs of the dolls are not low as they’re all hand made. Just to give you a benchmark, a lifesize doll (150cm/5 feet) should not be sold less than $1,800 USD. If you find one, watch out.

– Request to pay through PayPal. PayPal acts as an escrow in each transaction. If you eventually do not receive the item, you can inform PayPal. Paypal will fully refund you. If they don’t accept PayPal, you’ll know their dirty trick behind.


Tips Purchase Sex Dolls 2

Do not buy from sellers selling fake dolls

WM, JM, Sanhui, CM are some of the leading sex doll manufacturers. Some of the unethical sellers take the product images from random websites, post on their sites and claim they are selling the real dolls. When you receive the dolls, you’ll only realize they look way too different from what you see in product images

What can you do?

– Request the sellers to show you the “real and raw doll images” they sell before, not just the beautiful Photoshopped images.
– Check if the sellers are able to provide real doll images with their store names. This method sounds random, but if they are able to provide, they are serious in the business.
– Request the sellers to provide your doll images before they’re shipped. If the seller is reluctant to provide, then you need to watch out


Tips Purchase Sex Dolls 3

Choose The Stores who Provide Dolls Quality Check Before They Deliver The Dolls to You

Most of the sex doll manufacturers do not do sales and marketing themselves. They usually leave the job to retailers. This is rather normal, imagine the goods you find at shopping malls, they’re produced by manufacturers, not the shopping malls or the brands. It’s the same case here. No one can do all.

However, many online retailers only do the job of taking your orders; then they’ll place the orders at manufacturers directly and request the manufacturers to ship the items to you. They do not get themselves in too much of work, and you will have to take the risk when buying from these sellers. In fact, manufacturers are not expert in quality control or they do not have time to do the perfect packing. The dolls might suffer damaged during the journey when they’re delivered to you.

Some of the doll sellers provide quality check service for your dolls with an additional cost, they are charging around $150.


Tips Purchase Sex Dolls 4

Select Sellers Provide After Sales Service

This is relevant to the Point 3 above. Many retailers do not want to get their hands and feet dirty, they just want to take your orders then hands off. In the events your dolls are damaged during the journey, they do not want to take any responsibility. They either clearly state this term on their site, or they avoid talking about it.

You should really check with the sellers if they provide any after sales service before you make a purchase. It’s rare that you will receive a badly damaged doll, but who knows? Things just happen sometimes. And the dolls are not cheap. We highly recommend you avoiding such sellers.


About SexySexDoll™

  • SexySexDoll™ can show you the dolls before we deliver
  • This store is a subsidiary of DiddleWorld, a 5-year-old US online adult toy store.
  • Sexy Sex Doll is an authorised retailer of many big sex doll brands, including WM,, Sanhui, DS, CM, etc. All dolls you find here are 100% from the original brands. You can find over 200 doll designs for you to choose.
  • A partner of a reputable sex doll blogger, Realdolladdict.com
  • We provide custom-make doll service. An in-house design team designing some of the dolls. You can see our authentic sex doll business. (not many sellers can do this)
  • SexySexDoll™ accepts PayPal to protect you
  • SexySexDoll™’s office is in Hong Kong (close to all branded doll manufacturers). We request the manufacturers to ship your doll to our office, we check the quality before we arrange delivery to you. This service is entirely FREE!
  • If the doll suffers any damage during the journey, please talk to us, we can assist. If the doll is badly hurt, for example, the head is broken, we will deliver a new one. No issue!

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