Exciting New Releases: Unveiling the Alluring New Faces of Sex Dolls


As the year nears its end, anticipation fills the air in the world of sex dolls. Renowned brands have unveiled their latest offerings, showcasing a wave of excitement with a range of captivating new faces. These dolls are set to enthral doll enthusiasts and collectors alike, redefining the realm of lifelike dolls. Let’s take a closer look at the mesmerizing additions that are taking the industry by storm.

Elegance Personified: 162cm 5ft4 B-Cup S40 Eileen Silicone

Irontech Doll has delighted doll enthusiasts with the introduction of Eileen, a captivating Asian face that exudes elegance and grace. Eileen’s delicate features and serene expression make her a true work of art. From her alluring almond-shaped eyes to her meticulously crafted lips, every detail on Eileen’s face showcases exceptional craftsmanship. She is showcased on a 162cm B-Cup body, radiating an innocent yet enticing charm. With a next-door-inspired physique, lustrous blonde hair, and a tastefully proportioned bust, Eileen embodies beauty and sophistication. Designed to complement 162cm+ bodies, Eileen ensures a seamless fit and enhanced experience for doll owners seeking elegance and allure.

162cm Eileen


A Mesmerizing Debut: Irontech Doll Unveils 162cm 5ft4 B-Cup S39 Layla Silicone

Irontech Doll continues to push boundaries with the introduction of Layla, a standout beauty among their latest collection of full silicone dolls. Layla’s fair complexion, cascading brunette hair, and a stunning white dress that accentuates her curves make her the epitome of grace and allure. Her piercing brown eyes exude mystery, while her delicate facial features emanate an ethereal charm. Whether displayed as a collector’s item or cherished as a companion, Layla captivates hearts with her timeless beauty, setting a new standard for elegance and style in the world of sex dolls.

162cm Layla


Breaking the Mold: Starpery Doll Introduces 174cm 5ft8 C-Cup Lubby Hybrid Doll

Starpery Doll breaks away from their classic style with the introduction of Lubby and Boss Lubby, two faces that defy convention. These dolls feature a striking pale skin tone, offering a captivating contrast and depth. Lubby’s meticulously sculpted features, including a high nose and a strong jawline, exude confidence and allure. On the other hand, Boss Lubby boasts a more delicate and ethereal appeal, allowing owners to personalize her look with unique facial expressions. Starpery Doll’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity shines through the introduction of these new faces, catering to a wide range of aesthetic preferences.

174cm Lubby

174cm Boss Lubby

Unleashing Glamour: Irontech Series Welcomes 162cm 5ft4 B-Cup S5 Cinderella Silicone

The Irontech 162cm series adds a touch of glamour with the introduction of Cinderella. This new face is paired with a voluptuous figure, exuding irresistible sexiness. Cinderella embodies the classic hourglass physique, with ample curves and a confident pose that oozes sensuality. Her smoldering gaze and luscious lips make her the epitome of seduction. With her charming next-door-inspired physique and lustrous blonde hair, Cinderella emanates an innocent yet enticing charm. Adorned in a form-fitting top, she showcases tastefully proportioned breasts and a realistic, natural waist, resonating with a broader range of people. The Irontech 162cm B-Cup series fulfills the desires of doll enthusiasts seeking a touch of glamour and sex appeal.

162cm Cinderella

A Spectacular Week for Lifelike Doll Enthusiasts

This week has been nothing short of spectacular for the world of lifelike dolls. Each brand has brought forth something unique and exceptional, offering collectors and enthusiasts an array of choices like never before. From the elegance of Eileen to the mesmerizing debut of Layla, the groundbreaking diversity of Lubby and Boss Lubby, and the unleashed glamour of Cinderella, these new faces redefine the boundaries of beauty and artistry in the world of sex dolls. Join us in celebrating these incredible new additions that are set to enchant and captivate.

Embrace the Enchantment: Discover the Allure of Mid-December with Captivating New Faces from Prominent Doll Brands.


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