Minimal Oily TPE Dolls! First in The Market


Have you owned no oily TPE dolls before? Probably not. All this while (prior to Dec 2018), TPE dolls are one of the popular types of sex dolls and are closely competing with silicone dolls. You can find out the reasons and comparisons here, TPE vs Silicone sex dolls.

Despite the overwhelming response towards TPE sex dolls, one of the drawbacks of TPE dolls is the oily feel. In order to maintain it’s human-like softness, TPE itself contains oil. The oil keeps it moisturized and fresh, however, you will feel the oil from time to time, and you had to oil and powder the doll to prevent it went dry. This has had added extra pain in the ass while enjoying these lovely ladies. It’s been quite a number of years, however, none of the producers was able to come up with a solution.

Until December 2018, 6Ye Doll was the first, came up with TPE sex dolls that do not have any oily feel. They came up with their own formula, that keeps the dolls soft and lifelike, yet, you no longer have to be bothered to powder and oil the dolls. Enjoy your sexy moment with your lovely ones, clean them up, that’s it! Life can’t be easier than this!

Up to this, 6Ye Doll is the only brand has such a solution, and no one else can be on par with them. Never forget, their dolls are one of the most durable, regardless the number of times and the duration you will be thrusting your doll, her juicy holes remain the same, unlike some of the others, they are easily broken and torn. Although we know you are great in bed, you probably don’t want your lovely ladies to get broken that easily right? Therefore, 6Ye doll would be a great option for you. All of their dolls possess this new formula and you can shop with no doubt.

Check them out here, 6Ye Doll.


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