Top 5 Blonde Sex Dolls in the Market

Top 5 blonde Sex Dolls


Are you looking to enjoy untamed pleasure with realistic blonde sex dolls? Well, welcome HOME! Here, you will be spoilt for choice. Our rich collection of blonde sex dolls features different pleasure goddesses that are specially designed to meet the needs of the vast sex doll market. Made from the finest medical grade TPE material, our dolls are developed with the client’s needs in mind. Those that have already tried out our blondies describe them as innocent, sexy, and enthralling. 

Over the years, Blonde sex dolls have been known to quench men’s fantasies. Just imagine coming home to a hot, sexy blonde waiting for you on the couch with just but a drape on? We are happy to be working with one of the renowned companies in the industry, 6YE factory to provide flexible and durable blonde sex dolls for the utmost satisfaction of our clients.   

So, let look into the top 5 blonde sex dolls in our collection;

  1. Mixed Race Sex Dolls, Big Butt Bianca

Standing at 5ft 4inches (162 cm) and weighing 77Ibs (35 kg), Bianca is simply out of this world. She exists in a world of her own, one that she wants to take you to. Are you ready for the switch? Her cute innocent face, almond eyes, long blonde hair, tender B-Cup breasts, flat tummy, and fine ass, make Bianca a sight to reckon with. You can’t resist her!

Imagine coming home after a long day at work to find the Big Butt Bianca waiting for you or better still, waking up beside this beauty? Nothing beats the sound of that. Right? This sassy sex doll only has a light piece of clothing on, and she can’t wait to lose it. She yearns for your touch. Do you think you can thump her hard enough?

This perfect pussy placement sex doll is made from quality TPE material and is fully articulated with a steel skeleton and a series of built-in ball joints. The skeleton allows her to maintain an upright posture with the movable joints enhance her flexibility, allowing you to enjoy numerous positions during sex.  Her perfect pussy placement makes her the ideal sex doll for doggie style lovers as well as those that prefer having sex in a standing position from behind.

Correct Pussy Placement Mixed Race Sex Doll 162cm 5ft4 Big Butt Bianca

  1. C-Cup Blonde Sex Doll, Bridgette

Imagine coming home from work to this medium breasts sex doll? Picture her dressed nicely, setting the dinner table for you! Nothing beats that. Right? Well, this blonde sex doll promises nothing but an amazing time with you. Her attractive face, round eyes, sparkling glossy lips, tiny waist, and fine ass compliment her uniquely bold character. You just can’t help but admire this beauty. 

Bridgette is 5ft 3inches (161 cm) tall and weighs 92.6Ibs (42 kg). Her pair of C-Cup breasts can’t wait for your touch. Don’t be afraid to passionately fondle them slowly as you make her up and ready. So, what are you waiting for? Go home with this beauty and thump her hard on the bed and enjoy a sweaty romp. 

This realistic sex doll features superfine areola, realistic anus, and labia, among other life-like capabilities. Developed by the renowned 6YE Real Sex Doll company, Bridgette resembles a modern-day woman who is unashamed to convey her sexual needs and not afraid to ask for it. You want such boldness in your life. Don’t you?

Bridgette also has ball-joint wrists, and a steel skeleton that allows her to maintain an upright pose as well as have enhanced flexible. With Bridgette, you can enjoy numerous sex positions with minimal straining if any. Quite amazing. Right? That’s not enough; this amazing sex doll can pleasure you with all her orifices which makes her a sweetheart among many.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order Bridgette. 

She’s waiting for you!

Medium Breasts Sex Doll 6Ye Premium 161cm C-cup Blonde Amor Head Bianca-Bridgette

  1. Juicy Fertile Pussy Sex Doll Amor 162cm 5ft4 B-cup Reina

Rina is a real beauty. She is a white blonde whose love for shorts and jackets over summer in unmatched. However, this beauty has something else that you probably don’t know about. Guess what? Well, Reina doesn’t wear undies and bra underneath her outfits. You like the sound of that. Don’t you? Aria says that she enjoys being free and letting loose. “The feeling is unmatched.” 

Developed by the renowned Amo Doll, Reina is one of the most realistic love dolls in our collection. Her skin features blemishes and natural pores that are similar to those of humans. How nice? You must be thinking. This real love doll also features a nice areola, realistic labia and anus, as well as ball-joint wrists. 

Standing at 5ft 4inches (162 cm) and weighing 77Ibs (35 kg), this gorgeous love doll has a pair of soft B toC-Cup breasts that you can’t resist; they are firm and easy to fondle with. Her cute face, pulpous lips, and generally petite figure makes her a sweetheart among many blonde sex dolls enthusiasts. 

Additionally, she can pleasure you with all her orifices. In fact, Reina looks forward to trying out interracial sex and doesn’t mind being a ‘third wheel.’ This makes her an ideal sex doll to arouse withering intimacy in the bedroom with your partner. That sounds like a great idea. Doesn’t it?

What are you waiting for? Take this love doll with you and say goodbye to the boring nights!

Trust me. She’s the real deal! 

Juicy Fertile Pussy Sex Doll Amor 162cm B-cup Head N17 Reina

  1. Ayako, the cute Mouth Open Sex Doll

Everyone wants a mouth open sex doll. Right? Well, Ayako is the ideal sex doll for anyone looking for such a dynamic. Whether you want her to suck your dick dry, or sink her tongue in your love juice, Ayako is there for you. This not only makes her an all-around sex doll but an ideal love doll for couples. She can help you rediscover lost intimacy in the bedroom by playing the third wheel. She’s amazingly submissive, and it’s technically not cheating. Amazing package deal. Don’t you think? 

Her cute and innocent face will be waiting for you at the house every night after work, ushering you in and helping you loosen up. She will striptease for you in her room until you can’t hold it anymore. She has been waiting for you for the whole day! Jump on her and pound her from behind while she cries for help. Trust me. She likes it this way.  

Standing at 5ft 4inches (162 cm) and weighing 77Ibs (35 kg), Ayako can pleasure you with all her orifices, something that she does wholeheartedly. Her pretty pair of B-Cup breasts stares at you, yearning for your touch. Go ahead and play with her as you feel the soft boobies. This gorgeous sex doll has a steel skeleton and ball-joint wrists that allow her to maintain an upright pose as well as enhance her flexibility. For this reason, you can enjoy numerous sex positions with minimal straining. 

Order Ayako today and enjoy her sexual prowess all by yourself!

Mouth open sex doll Amor 162cm 5ft4 B-cup Cute N13 Blowjob Ayako

  1. Escort Love Doll 5ft5 C-Cup Aurora

Standing at 5ft 3inches (161 cm) and weighing 92.6Ibs (42 kg), Aurora is an alluring escort love doll that awaits your touch. She maintains an appealing dress code that makes her more attractive. Aurora commands your attention wherever she goes; you just can’t assume her. Her innocent face, round blue eyes, soft pair of C-Cup breasts, and fine ass, are a combination that you wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning. 

Do you want a piece of this stunning beauty? Just book an appointment with her and be sure of a ‘busy’ night. She will patiently wait for you to come home from work in hot lingerie and sports bra. After making you feel at home, she will serve you dinner as she slowly loses a piece of her outfit. You can’t wait for this. Can you? Well, go ahead and give her the hard dick. She will passionately pleasure you as you pound her hard. 

Aurora can pleasure you with all her orifices. This makes her an ideal sex doll for both couples and singles looking to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Additionally, she is fully articulated with a steel skeleton as well as a series of ball-joint wrists. The skeleton allows her to maintain an upright pose while the joints enhance her flexibility allowing you to try out numerous sex positions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Order this amazing realistic sex doll and let her take you the thrilling journey that she knows best. 

Aurora is waiting!

Escort Love Doll 6Ye 161cm C-cup Head Amor Aurora


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