Introducing Real Oral Structure (ROS) – Now Available on Selected Sex Dolls!

This month, there’s a lot of buzz around Real Oral Structure (ROS), and we’re here to answer all your questions:

Browse ROS dolls. But before we dive in, let’s provide a little background on how we got here. Quite a number of brands, including WM, 6Ye & SY Dolls recently launched their highly anticipated Inspiration Series, which left everyone speechless with its major upgrade.

The Inspiration Series features softer gel breasts, a softer gel butt, the option to choose your own labia insert, and an improved, more durable skin painting. These advancements are remarkable and a significant leap forward in the doll industry. However, the most notable addition is the release of three new head designs with an unprecedented upgrade called “Realistic Oral Structure” or ROS. This groundbreaking feature fulfills our long-awaited desires and dreams. Finally, the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for has arrived – mind-blowingly realistic blowjobs from your favorite sex doll, known as ROS.


Real Oral Structure (ROS) in a Sex Doll: What is it exactly?

Before ROS, the heads of sex dolls were mostly static, with only a few brands like Top Sino offering movable jaws. However, Top Sino’s jaw movement is relatively limited and lacks any oral capability. While these upgrades added realism and slight changes in facial expression for photography enthusiasts, they didn’t cater well to oral lovers.

For a long time, the only option for a sex doll with oral capability was a TPE head. Then Starpery introduced a soft silicone head at an affordable price with a basic oral chamber similar to TPE heads. While this was an excellent first step, there were still some drawbacks. TPE heads, known for their flexibility, could be textured to resemble the internals of a vagina or anus, and the enhanced mouth feature included a soft tongue inside. However, silicone heads lacked this capability, and TPE heads lacked a movable jaw. One of the drawbacks of TPE oral was that the face and eyes bulged as you pushed the TPE material aside. In simple terms, there were always limitations to oral sex with sex dolls, until now…

Introducing ROS – the Solution You’ve Been Waiting For!

ROS is an upgrade available for silicone dolls, offering an ultra-soft silicone openable mouth with a fully movable jaw. The mouth features super soft silicone teeth, a realistic movable tongue, and a textured palate throughout the chamber. Describing it as realistic would be an understatement – it’s truly amazing. Now, you can enjoy incredibly lifelike blowjobs from your favorite sex doll without worrying about eye bulging. It’s like the enhanced mouth upgrade, but even better.

Real Oral Structure for Sex Dolls

Still skeptical? Check out the Game Lady video showcasing the Real Oral Structure with the newly released Tifa head, complete with a movable jaw (skip to 0:25 for the real benefits 😉). Witness the adjustable mouth, softness of the tongue and teeth, and the head’s structural integrity without any eye bulging. The times are changing, folks!


How can you get Real Oral Structure?

If you’re interested and eager to know which brands offer ROS, we’ve got you covered. Currently, ROS is not available as a stand-alone upgrade and can only be found on selected head models. We’ve compiled a list of brands that have released products with ROS, so you can order one today without any delay. Customization options are also available, allowing you to select any silicone doll with the desired head (assuming the brand offers ROS).


Here are the brands with ROS availability

SY Doll: Heads with the feature are M1 – M11.


6YeDolls: It’s available on all their heads.

Sino Doll: While they already have heads with movable jaws, they recently announced heads T21 and T22 with an oral structure upgrade called RSS+ (additional cost).

JY Doll: Their new Yunxi head will be their first to feature Real Oral Structure.

WM Doll: They have multiple heads, such as 120, 273, 70, 85, 159, 398, 400, 432, 436, 452, 266, and 198, that will be equipped with ROS. They plan to expand ROS availability to more heads in the future.

Irontech: They are currently testing the S34 head, which will feature a moving jaw and oral structure similar to Zelex ROS heads.


What’s the cost of ROS?

Some are offering the feature for free, some are offering it at a very low cost.

We’re extremely excited about this upgrade, as it has been long-awaited. Based on the community’s excitement and overwhelming response, we believe that everyone who appreciates silicone sex dolls will be delighted with this upgrade. And the fact that it’s currently free with certain dolls makes it even more irresistible.

Click the button below to explore our preconfigured ROS dolls. These dolls come with ROS (Real Oral Structure) when you select the “Same as photo” option. Enjoy!


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