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There are too many sex doll brands in the market, the success of many brands in China has attracted money driven only manufacturers came into the market. They have no passion, interest, and love on dolls at all.

As a leading seller in sex dolls – SexySexDoll has been receiving so many requests to sell their dolls. However, we have only selected several leading brands that we know people will like and can afford. We would also visit their factories to have quality check of their production facilities and procedures to make sure the dolls we sell are high quality ones. From time to time, we will be adding more quality brands to our collection.

Many sex doll sellers (regardless of where they are, who they are), they sell all sex doll manufacturers who approach them, regardless of their quality. They are particularly interested in low-quality dolls because the costs are usually much cheaper. When the costs are low, they can make a better profit. As a smart doll lover, you need to be aware of this.


Here are the sex dolls brands we sell and the reasons they have been selected:

  1. JinSan (WM Dolls, YL Doll, OR Dolls)

  • JinSan is a pioneer of many. They are the first creating sex dolls with TPE material
  • Close to 200 faces and 50 body options to choose from
  • Come up with many leading features, such as realistic tongue, add-on penis to transform female dolls to shemale dolls, body heat up, etc.

     2. 6Ye Dolls 

  • Never run out of leading innovations, such as easy head and neck connector, premium formula TPE dolls don’t tear easily, realistic labia, anus, areola.
  • The pioneer in creating ball joint skeleton for sex dolls
  • Keep coming up with new faces & super realistic looking dolls
  • Affordable price, premium quality

     3. Z-One Dolls

  • The most affordable silicone sex doll brand in the market
  • Body heating feature available
  • Known for premium quality

     4. Doll Sweet Dolls (DS Doll)

  • Beautiful Asian looking sex dolls
  • Known for white and realistic skin color
  • Appeal to Asians and many who are into anime fantasy
  • A pioneer in many innovative features
  • Company invested and advised by Japanese sex dolls makers


     5. Climax Dolls

  • Known for their plump sexy body, voted as one of the most popular sex dolls in 2016 and 2017
  • Lovely marketing campaign


We are the world’s largest sex doll seller, offering the highest quality dolls at an affordable price. In the meantime, we are inviting many other sex doll brands to list here. Please stay tuned with us.

SexySexDoll will also be developing our own brand to lead the market.

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